June 6, 2013


His mother Phyllis says, “Our dear Pippin was the last doggie adopted from Shelter Dogs Needing Homes before they closed.

On a regular basis, when these ‘rescue dogs’ are mentioned by pet owners on our walks, they’re spoken about with very warm feelings.

Shelter Dogs Needing Homes has left a legacy in the Northern California area - Pippin is no exception. 

After adopting blustery and high energy Captain from them, we now have little Pippin.  We fostered several dogs during the rescue's last few months.  In spite of promising myself not to get attached, I did - with every dog. I cried tears of joy when they found new homes and with this last chance, we have Pippin for keeps.

He’s a happy and cheerful little guy. Initially, 12 pound Pippin wanted to be the leader versus 32 pound Captain. Pippin lost and they are now great buddies, even licking each other’s mouths in the morning.

Pippin sees his doggie sisters Jenny and Molly almost daily (see their pictures above). They were adopted from Shelter Dogs Needing Homes by my daughter.  He likes those romps. 

Pippin loves to be held like a baby and he enjoys snuggling. I marvel at the love this sweetie pie gives to everybody.

We thank you so much for saving our dear, dear Pippin. He is our legacy from you and all that you have done for so many. We promise to love and cherish Pippin for many years to come.”