June 11, 2013


Their mother says, “We adopted Jenny and Molly after a pretty ugly divorce. We moved back into our family home after living in motel after motel for 6 months.

While we were thrilled to be home, we faced many challenges and changes in our lives. There was a sense of sadness around us. And then…we adopted Jenny (pictured on the left).

At that time, Sarah was 5 years old and Eric was 10. 

A month later, we adopted sister Molly (pictured on the right). 

The gray haze was now bright sunshine. The kids argued over who got to sleep with which dog. Both dogs loved the hugs, love, kisses, fondling, etc. they received from the kids. Sarah even took several of her evening baths with Jenny and she enjoyed being in the tub with Sarah!

The children readily accepted doggie chores, including cleaning up. The kids love these little munchkins. Molly is always on the alert for an empty lap – her favorite spot. Jenny’s tail never stops wagging. Jenny and Molly came to us at a most opportune time in our lives.

I can’t thank you enough for being there when we needed love and happiness. Especially when the dogs and my children are all snuggled together sleeping, I think of your rescue efforts with fondness and appreciation.”