May 29, 2013

BANDIT - Formerly Spike and Scout - We LOVE this beautiful dog

His father Raul says, "We had lost our two fur kids earlier in the year. Bandit came into our lives just when we needed him.

We were concerned at first about how Bandit would interact with our pug Tandy. Now, they are inseparable.

Like clockwork, every 7 am and 2 pm they perform a duet and 'sing' for their meals. Well, it's a mix of barking, howling and chirping, but it's music to us.

Every night, Bandit sneaks into the guest room and sleeps in the bed. He then sneaks out before anybody is up - acting like it never happened. We really believe that he is happy.

He found us and we sure are happy that we found him.

He loves his walks, treats (of course) and hanging out with his forever family. We love this guy!"