November 20, 2012

LITTLE BEAR - Formerly Butch

His mother Debbie says, "I wanted to share my story about finding this little angel.

I was devastated after losing my forever Sheltie dog Beau and my heart was so broken. I had a dream the night before I went to the pet store. I was holding a puppy and was with my Dad and Beau, who are both deceased.  I woke up and was crying because I missed them both so much.

That afternoon, I went to the store to pick up food for our dog Jenny, who was also missing her best friend. It was a week before Father's Day.

When I walked in, I saw all of your dogs for adoption. I was looking at all of the babies and got so emotional. I turned and saw these big brown eyes and happy smile! He was warm and furry and some thing just grabbed my heart.

I was sitting on the floor and scooted over to him and was so drawn to his kind eyes. I stood up and that was when I read his name tag - 'My name is Butch.' Oh my goodness! I could barely stop myself from crying. You see, that was my Dad's nickname as a young boy. I knew from that moment on he was meant to be mine. I brought him home the following week on Father's Day.

He gives us such love. He is just like a little teddy bear and cuddles with us every chance he gets! He kisses our other dog Jenny endlessly.  I can't begin to tell you how lucky I am to have him. I can't imagine anyone giving him up, but I guess it was meant to be so he would find his way to us!

Keep doing your great work! It brings happiness and love to many. I am grateful."