June 5, 2017

Please put phone number tags on your dogs and cats before July 4

Make sure that your pets are wearing ID tags with your current phone numbers. Keep their rabies, license and microchip tags on their collars at all times. This saves shelter impound fees and gives closure to pet parents who are searching for their lost pets. Animals will be reunited sooner and won't have to be impounded in a shelter with other animals who might be sick.  A tag with just their name and no phone numbers won't get your pet home quickly.

The highest impound time is coming quickly - that's July 4. If they have a microchip, contact that microchip company to ensure that your pets are registered properly and with current phone numbers. For HomeAgain, contact 1-888-466-3242 and for Avid, contact 1-800-336-2843. Register microchips for free by visiting this link: https://microchipregistry.foundanimals.org/