July 26, 2013

Register your pet's microchip and put a current ID tag on their collar

Little Weasel came into the shelter with a microchip in his body.

However, the shelter couldn't get him back home because his owner never called the microchip company to register his microchip.

It was traced to a pet store, but they had a phone number that was disconnected.

Weasel was wearing a collar, but he didn't have an ID tag with his owner's phone number on it. So Weasel sat in the shelter for weeks - hoping that his owner would come. They never showed up.

Many shelters are sadly forced to put dogs without traceable microchips or ID tags to sleep because they're overcrowded. Don't let this happen to your own pet.

These needless deaths can be avoided with the owner's phone number put on an ID tag or a registered microchip with a current phone number.

There has been a significant increase over the years of pet owners who simply will not keep a collar with an ID tag on their pets. To us, this makes NO sense at all.

These people claim that they love their pets, but they give them no way to get back home should they become stray. If you love your pet, please spend a couple of dollars and keep a tag on their necks or register their microchips with current phone numbers. You can buy these tags in most pet stores.

Why spend money to get your pet out of the shelter or chance your pet getting sick in the shelter when they can easily return home to you with an ID tag?

Luckily for Weasel, we got him out and he's been with us for a few months. We're making sure that he gets his daily thyroid pills to bring his coat back to normal.

PLEASE make sure that your pet wears their collar with a current phone number tag. We've seen so many pets get put to sleep because they had no way home.