July 26, 2013

ELOISE - She was left outside of a closed animal shelter - In a small sealed up box - In 100 degree weather - While she was in labor

Of all of the years I've been working with dogs, this was the most unbelievable story.

Boy, was I in the right place at the right time.

I had to stop at the shelter's clinic to pick up paperwork on my way to a Northern California adoption event.

There was a lot of chaos going on. A man was bringing his dog into the clinic for shots. He saw a closed up box in front of the shelter that wasn't open.

Luckily, he asked the clinic workers if he should bring in the box so nobody would walk off with it. Inside the box, that had been sitting in the hot sun for who knows how long, was a frail little girl dog. She was panting heavily and going into a breathing crisis. The vet called all of the workers over and they saw that she was actually in labor.

Since the dog didn't have an ID tag or a microchip, they weren't allowed to work on her since there wasn't anybody to pay for her emergency medical care. These workers were running towards me and begging for my help.

The vet said that the dog needed an immediate C-section because the poor girl was in labor. She would need bloodwork, special medicines, critical care, fluids and follow-up bloodwork for several weeks.

I gave her the money authorization to go ahead, not knowing how it would turn out for the precious little animal laying almost lifeless and in obvious severe pain. Sadly, the pups were delivered dead. It was touch and go for several days as she tried to survive. The vet and workers kept a close eye on her and took her home for continued care.

As you can imagine, the bill was very large that I footed for this cutie.

The vet talked to her own parents who live out-of-state about this precious animal. They happened to be making a visit weeks later after Eloise was better and guess what? They adopted her!!

I can't believe how beautiful this little girl is nowadays - what a sweet gal whose life has totally changed!

Below is a picture of Eloise on the day that she was left outside of the shelter.