May 27, 2013

* REST IN PEACE BEAUTIFUL FINLEY * - FINLEY and CHICO were screaming in their pens at the shelter

Australian shepherd Finley and long-haired chihuahua Chico were five minutes away from being put to sleep. The shelter workers were behind me, taking other dogs to the back for euthanasia. Finley looked straight at me, screamed and stretched his paw towards me through the kennel cage. I will never forget his screams and looks of pure horror. Then Chico ran behind Finley and was shaking like a leaf. Finley leaned over and kissed him. I walked to the next row as fast as I could to see if there were cocker spaniels that I had to get out. Finley jumped up and screamed again, like he knew what was going to happen in a few minutes. I quickly went back to Finley and he put his paw out to me again - with Chico hiding behind Finley and kissing him.

I kept asking myself how can I find homes for an australian shepherd and a long-haired chihuahua? I wasn't familiar with their breeds and they were black dogs - the hardest colors to find homes for.

The shelter worker laughed because she knew that I was going to take both dogs!

Within 3 weeks, both cuties were adopted in Northern California.

Chico (pictured below) was adopted to a woman who was so depressed, she had trouble leaving her house. Now she goes to the beach with Chico and they meet other dogs there on a regular basis.