October 8, 2012


The picture on the right is what Chip looked like in the shelter 4 years ago.

The picture on the left is what he looks like now.

His mother Linelle says, "Chip is still doing very well in our home 4 years later.

He's learned quite a number of tricks such as: sit, lay down, touch, bark and he's even learned how to scratch our backs!

We are impressed by how intelligent this little guy is. Despite all of the tricks, we often find ourselves just watching and enjoying all of the 'Chip' behaviors such as working so hard to paw the one little piece of kibble out from behind his bowl.  He does this despite having a bowlful of food right in front of him.

He never fails to make us all smile and laugh everyday.

Thank you for being able to look past the unruly ball of hair at the shelter and seeing the little heart of gold inside. He is really one amazing pup."