October 29, 2012

CAPTAIN - Formerly Pal

Captain says, "It’s been 10 months since my adoption and I’ve really settled into my furever family. My favorite time is Sunday morning when we go over to Boothbay Park before 8:00 AM. I can run free with my doggie friends and chase balls. We run, run, run and roll in things that my Mom and Dad don’t like - hehehe. I was OK with my bathing, but then Mom decided to have me professionally groomed.
WOW! - Am I handsome when really cleaned up! Now when I get bathed, my Mom and Dad love it. It brings back the pleasant memory of my 2 hours of spa treatment. I love to be brushed at the end of the day. It must be like getting a massage for humans because it’s so relaxing that I fall asleep.
I have many jobs at home. First of all, I protect my family from: other people walking by, leaves falling from the trees, and those pesky squirrels. I sleep under their bed at night and I'm always on call. 
My human brother and sister (Eric and Sarah) who live with my doggie sisters Jenny and Molly (also adopted from you) need lots of love. I taught Jenny and Molly how to go potty outside too. 
I take my Mom and Dad for daily walks to keep them healthy.  They're always telling me that I'm very wanted and very loved.
My Mom and Dad just adopted a new brother from you too named Pippin. He was scared - like I was once upon a time, but within days he is now part of my whole family. I’m trying to teach him how to bark. Pippin’s a fast learner about love, but slow about learning how to bark. I’m the master barker and a lucky dog!!! 
Thank you so much for rescuing me from the kill shelter. 
Remember how I looked after you had to get me shaved? I was skinny and very fearful. Look at me now! I love being loved. 
Many, many licks to you from me, Pippin, Jenny and Molly."