October 21, 2012

BB - Formerly Dotty

Her mother Yang says, "BB is such a beautiful, intelligent and loving pet. Wherever I take her, she attracts people's attention. They always say what a cute and lovely dog she is and then pat her head.

BB learns tricks quickly. As soon as she arrived home, we found out that she was familiar with the word 'no.' Shortly afterwards, she learned 'sit, down, up, stay, come, crawl and shake hand.'

She also learned to 'play dead' and to hold a treat with her nose. Since we speak Chinese most of the time, BB is bilingual.   She understands some sentences in Chinese!

She even plays tricks on me.  Some times when I throw a ball to her, she will get it. Without returning the ball to me, she hides it somewhere and then asks me to go look for it.

BB loves car rides. She remembers where we park, even in a place that she has never been to before. When I pick up my husband from work, she insists on riding with me.  She jumps to the other front seat as soon as I open the door on the driver's side.  She'll stay there quietly or watch the traffic - never distracting me during drive time.

Three days after we adopted BB, I found out that I was pregnant. BB kept me exercising since I took her out for two walks per day. My husband lost 7 pounds in one month because he joined us on our walks after dinner.

I can't write enough to describe how much love BB gives to us. She follows me as a shadow at home. When she hears that I am done with showering, she waits outside the bathroom and gives kisses.

After my baby was born, BB would always cuddle by my side when I fed him, even in the middle of the night. If I don't let her follow me to his bedroom and leave her with my husband, she waits behind the door until I get back.

She loves my baby so much and is protective of him. If strangers make big movements such as waving arms in front of him, she warns them by barking.

When my baby plays on his mat, BB always stays by his side. She even brings her toys to my baby! They have walks together every day. BB walks so well with the stroller that I wonder if her former owner had a baby too.

Life is full of happiness and laughter with BB as a member of our family."