October 8, 2016

* * * * * * * * MESSAGE FROM LAURA MADARAS * * * * * * * *

It is with deep sadness that I must officially stop all animal-related work once and for all to seek a paid full-time job.

I've been a writer and marketing professional for many years. I'd appreciate it if you could send an e-mail if you know of any job opportunities. My e-mail is: dogsneedhomes@aol.com

I'd like to thank the people who helped my special needs poodle Pam from the Moreno Valley Shelter. Because of your assistance, we were able to get bloodwork, a dental and x-rays of her bone structures. Very sadly, all vets, radiologists and specialists have determined that her body won't allow any mending, fusing or surgeries to correct her problems. Since she has deformities in her front and back legs, wheelchairs and special devices also can't assist her. So I will take care of her and love Pam until the time comes that we all determine that she's in pain.

I lost my Moreno Valley Shelter maltese boy Weasel to neurological disease in September. 

My beautiful heart doggie cocker spaniel Banjo also died at the end of March. I loved Banjo more than anything in life.

I fought a very long and hard fight to let people know what really goes on in kill shelters and to try to change the many inhumanities that "shelters" place upon poor defenseless animals. A lot of you fought with me and must now continue, without my hourly Facebook postings.

I documented all of the problems and the solutions to make shelters low kill facilities. Sadly, the City Council and City and shelter management are not listening. I KNOW that the many problems I documented, with my solutions can work because I used my own money to get them done on a regular daily basis.

Instead, they chose to end my free 13 year grooming program without talking to me and hardly ever responded to my many audit and procedural reports and numerous e-mails.

I applaud all of your efforts and I hope that things will some day change for the animals, so that less of them suffer and then die at the hands of heartless people who are supposed to be "sheltering" them.

Please don't tag or put me in comments, invite me to fundraisers or send anything related to animal work. It will only make things much sadder for me, since I can't contribute.

I wish you all success and know that I appreciate everything that you do. The shelter wasn't doing anywhere near what they could have done and thousands of animals died needlessly. I did what I felt I HAD to do over 13 years because it WAS the right thing for the animals.